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Sunday, February 8, 2015

I Lost 6.19% Because I Sold Too Early

I bought PIP last Jan 9 at 3.98 because I thought it was due for an uptrend. I did my homework, I studied the chart and its fundamentals, and I seriously believed it was undervalued. I set a target price of 4.45, just below its immediate resistance. That would give me a nice 10.31% upside. A sound plan, only problem I foresee is its lack of volume.

When it was still at the same level a few days later, I added more shares at 4.
The following trading days, it peaked at 4.28 only to pull back again to 4. 

Three days later PSEi was trading at an all time high. PIP soared at 4.45 just 16 trading days after I bought the stock. My target price! You taught I’d get my 10.31% gain don’t you? Well, that same day, I sold it at 4.20. I lost 6.19% of my potential gain just because I didn’t stick to my plan! The next day the stock is still up, this time at 4.60. 

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Sector Outlook: Property

We take a look at the financial data for five of the most popular listed Property stocks in PSE - DoubleDragon Properties (DD), Ayala Land, Inc (ALI), Megaworld Corporation (MEG), Vista Land & Lifescapes (VLL) and Century Properties Group (CPG).

Balance Sheet

As expected, ALI holds the largest assets for this group, as it is almost twice as big as its next competition, MEG. What was really glaring here is how small the other companies are.

Income Statement

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