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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Steve Jobs

Apple will never be as successful as it is today without the genius of Steve Jobs. Even after his death, the values he instilled in the company he built remain steadfast and has guided Apple to be hailed as the most valuable brand in the world.

Steve has often been referred to as demanding and aggressive to his wants. But after reading his authorized biography, I know everybody would really appreciate his perfectionism and his artistic sense. In a world where businesses are measured by their bottom line profits, Jobs has proven that quality and innovative designs are as important.

Steve was adopted. He was a dropout. He was ousted by the same company he built. But he never felt sorry for himself. He treated his adoptive parents like his biological parents. He didn't let the school system interfere with what he truly wanted to learn. What he was good at, he really excelled and strive for perfection. When he was kicked out he built another company until it lead him to Pixar. Then back to Apple. He built a reputation for being a person of high standards and it showed in every product his companies built. Sure there were some failures, but in those failures he learned. He dreamed big and never shortchanged himself. He lived the life he wanted to live.

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