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Monday, December 23, 2013

User Guide: Stocks Profit Monitoring Worksheet

Just in case you missed our Facebook and Twitter announcement, I just released the FREE Stocks Profit Monitoring Worksheet which can help you track your stocks better. I also use this in my own investments. I find it really beneficial as it lets me know my total costs and how much my profit would be should I decide to sell. To assist you in using the file, I have provided a brief explanation of the important points included therewith:

If you would notice, I indicated different colors for the different headers in the worksheet - green for buy and red for the sell transactions, while yellow indicates the computed profits.
You need to know first how much your broker charges as commissions and if there are minimum amount they deduct for every transaction. For COL Financial for example, the broker rate is 0.25% if not assisted and 0.50% if broker-assisted. They charge a minimum of 20php for transactions with gross amount (number of shares x buy price) less than 8,000php. If your broker rates are different, simply adjust cells F2 and F3 to the correct rates.

After the header, only the blue highlighted sells can be modified. This is to protect your workbook from accidentally deleting or changing the formulas.

For easy reference, I arranged the columns to what I think is most useful. That way, you can easily view your total costs, net selling price and profits in one glance. Of course, you can still view the other miscellaneous costs in the rightmost part of the file.

I also provided a "summary" tab to show all your stocks transactions in summary form. I left the pivot cells unlocked should you wish to modify the table to your liking.

So there! If you have any suggestions in improving the file please let me know and I'll gladly consider it. This is free for everyone so you can share it to family and friends who may need it. Hope you find my Stocks Monitoring Worksheet useful.

You can get the link to download the file at the bottom right portion of our page.

Happy investing!

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