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Sunday, March 9, 2014

The 15 Stocks Trading Tips You Will Ever Need

1. Don't buy what you don't know.
2. Never buy higher than previous day's close.
3. Always formulate a margin of safety; know when to cut your losses
4. Moderate your greed.
5. Control your emotions.
6. Be aware of news and disclosures.
7. Stocks trading is a folly. Don't be the biggest fool and you won't lose money.
8. Never worry if your quote is not matched. Rushing in to be bought or sold is a bad idea
9. Don't try to anticipate the news. Just be there when it happens
10. Trading is not a race. It who makes money and who loses it.
11. Don’t be emotionally attached to stocks. What's profitable today may be bad ownership for tomorrow.
12. Observe a particular stock's movement for a few days before buying it.
13. Limit your trade. The more trades you have, the higher the chance you'll make a mistake.
14. Don't diversify…if you know and you're sure of what you are doing.
15. Don't just rely on Technical charts. Study the financials.

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